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Welcome Session Academic Year 2017-2018

Welcome Session Academic Year 2017-2018

September 27, 2017. Room 52.217 - Campus del Poblenou - UPF

-      Master in Translation Studies 

-      Master in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics

-      Master in discourse studies: Communication, Society and Learning


10.00 am -- An introduction to UPF. Room 52.217

10.30 am -- Informational resources at UPF: How to get around the library and the IT services and computer and information resources.  

    Room 52.217 (session in English) and room 52.329 (session in Catalan)

11.45 pm -- Meetings with MA Coordinators and Tutors:

-Master in Translation Studies: Room 52.217

-Master in Theoretical and Applied Linguistics: Room 52.425

-Master in discourse studies: Communication, Society and Learning: Room 52.427


Inaugural lecture academic year 2017-2018 given by Annick De Houwer (Universität Erfurt, Germany)

Priorities for applied linguistics in today’s diverse world: focus on the communicative needs of bilingual and bilingual-to-be preschoolers and on those of newly arrived adult immigrants

Date: September 27, 2017

Time: 13.00 pm

Location: Auditorium Campus Poblenou - UPF



This talk starts from the assumption that applied linguistics research should first and foremost deal with topics of high societal relevance and, if possible, find solutions for problems of societal significance. In today’s world, multilingualism is of utmost concern and importance to many. Two subtopics here that are in urgent need of more research attention in Europe today are (1) how educators deal with linguistic diversity in pre-school programs and what best practices here could consist of, and (2) how host societies can best help the many newly arrived refugees and asylum seekers in their need to learn the host society’s main language(s) as soon as possible. I will identify the main challenges in these domains, and consider them from many different perspectives. These include questions about lexical needs, teaching methods, assessment, interpreting, and the role of discourse strategies in interaction. 







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