MLTA's curriculum is 60 credits. This is the minimal number of credits that need to be registered. In some cases, the student will be asked to register up to 10 additional credits in leveling courses. It is possible to add more credits to the 60 curricular credits (up to 120) in order to complete one's training. The master's program can be done on a full time basis or on a part time basis. Check Dedication for details.

The specialisation (Traductology, specialized translation, specialized translation and interpretation) directs the student towards a specific subfield within linguistics. The choice of track (research, academic, practical), determines which courses you must register for (end-of-degree project thesis, practicum or internship, methodological courses). The courses are organized by Subjects. There are 6 Subjects that group courses by affinity and compulsory or elective type.


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