The specialisation directs the student towards a specific subfield within translation. One of the following three specialisations must be chosen (although the courses of the other specialisations may be taken as elective credits). Students in the research track have to choose their specialisation on the basis of their interests in future doctoral research


Translation Studies

The specialisation called Translation in its theoretical approach provides elements for systematic reflection on the nature of translation, specially from the point of view of linguistics and discourse analysis. It is a specialisation that is academic or research in its approach.

Traducció especialitzada

Specialised translation

The area of Specialised Translation provides a framework and tools for thinking about translation in the domains of science and technology, and also translation within Law and Economy. It also involves an introduction into professional practice in these two speciality domains and in translation of Literature and the Arts. 

Traducció especialitzada i interpretació

Specialised translation and interpretation

This option adds the component of an introduction and practice in interpreting to the courses in specialised translation.