UPF, the 11th best young university in the world

The Times Higher Education ranking of “Young University Rankings 2018” puts the University in eleventh position in the ranking of centres under fifty years of age. UPF is also the first in the Spanish state and 5th in Europe.

UPF is the fifth best university in Europe according to U-Multirank, the ranking promoted by the European Union

The University is notable in the indicators linked to research, international orientation and regional engagement


Scientists identify an ion channel used by viruses to infect host cells

The study provides new lines of research for therapeutic possibilities to tackle Dengue, Hepatitis C and Zika virus infections. The study, led by Miguel Ángel Valverde, has been published today in Nature Communications.


Tolerance to ambiguity is a key factor that determines the social decisions of cooperation among people

According to a study published on 12 June in the journal Nature Communications by  Marc-Lluís Vives, a researcher of the Center for Brain and Cognition, together with Oriel FeldmanHall, a researcher in the Department of Cognitive, Linguistic and Psychological Sciences of Brown University (USA).


The public perceives the use of neuroenhancement technologies in the fields of education and employment with expectation and caution

Researchers led by the London School of Economics and Political Science have published an article about what the general population thinks about the use of neuroenhancement. The study is part of the European project NERRI.


With a sensitivity of 100%, microwave images distinguish between normal and cancerous colon tissue

With a very high sensitivity also for other types of dysplasia, it marks a diagnostic breakthrough as a result of the MiWEndo project, the details of which are published by researchers of the Physense and SIMBIOsys research groups, within BCN MedTech, ​​in collaboration with researchers from the UPC and Hospital Clínic of Barcelona, ​​in the journal Medical Physics.


Xavier Freixas wins the 2018 King James I Award for Economics

The full professor of Financial Economics and Accounting and director of UPF’s Department of Economics and Business was awared with the prestigious award, endowed with 100,000 euros.

UPF representative Alicia Sánchez Arroyo wins the “Present your thesis in 4 minutes” competition

Yesterday the final of the competition was held in which doctoral students from twelve Catalan universities explained their research to the general public in four minutes.


Jaume Bertranpetit awarded an honorary doctorate by the Université Toulouse III – Paul Sabatier

The Professor of Biology at UPF collaborated with the French university in studies on the HIV in macaques. 

The best researchers in music in Europe are to gather at UPF from 11 to 13 June

The Music Technology Research Group and the European Research Council have organized the European Research Music Conference, a showcase for projects funded by the European Commission related to music in all fields: musicology, music technology, as well as artificial intelligence, neuroscience and cognition applied to music. It is to take place in the auditorium of the Poblenou campus. Admission is free but prior registration is required.


Women in Europe live longer than men, but less happily

Aïda Solé-Auró, a researcher with the Department of Political and Social sciences at UPF, has led research published in the European Journal of Public Health. The study examines gender differences in life expectancy at fifty years of age, comparing sixteen European countries.


Altruistic behaviour is conditioned by the social environment, not just by the nature of the person

Such is the proposal of a study led by Salvador Soto Faraco, ICREA researcher and member of the Center for Brain and Cognition, together with Juana Castro Santa, alumna of the master’s degree in Brain and Cognition, and Filippos Exadaktylos, a researcher linked to the UAB, in a paper recently published in the journal Scientific Reports.


A study recommends integrating Roma models in teaching and to analyse the underlying reasons for school failure among this community

The project "Vakeripen", drefted by GRITIM-UPF, in collaboration with Rromane Siklǒvne association and Pere Closa Private Foundation, has been based on workshops and dialogue sessions with families and teachers from different residential areas in the metropolitan area of Barcelona considered marginal.


New tool enables big-scale analysis of single cells

The study, which is published in the June issue of Genome Research, analyzed 1.3 million cells and unraveled an unprecedented heterogeneity in rare cell populations during mouse brain development.

Unplanned cesarean sections mount up in the early hours of the night and can harm newborns’ health

A study by the Economy and Health Research Centre (CRES-UPF) and the Department of Economics and Business at UPF published in the Journal of Health Economics provides further evidence of a causal link between unplanned cesareans and the health of the newborn.


The fate of universities

Opinion by Jaume Casals, rector of the Pompeu Fabra University

A new method for evaluating neural networks may improve the identification of brain disorders

Applicable to the clinical diagnosis of brain and psychiatric diseases, it has been developed by Vicente Pallarés, Andrea Insabato, Anna Sanjuán and Matthieu Gilson, researchers of the Center for Brain and Cognition, led by ICREA researcher Gustavo Deco, with international participation, recently published in the journal NeuroImage.


Data science may contribute relevant information to improve learning

The TIDE research group, directed by Davinia Hernández-Leo, is studying the impact of the application of active learning methodologies via the Integrated Learning Design Environment (ILDE) platform and has recently published a paper in the journal Computers in Human Behavior.


Hipertext.net, academic journal of the DigiDoc research group, is celebrating its 15 years with novelties

In digital format and directed by Pere Freixa, professor with the Department of Communication, the publication embarks on a new season and one of the novelties is that it will now be biannual. Issue 16, available in open access, has been published this month of May..


UPF Art Track extends its international dissemination as part of Google Arts & Culture

Today, 18 May 2018, second anniversary of UPF Art Track, and coinciding with International Museum Day, this tour of the artistic heritage of PompeuFabra University becomes part of the Google Arts & Culture Art Project, with two digital exhibitions.

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