Gesture and prosody act as precursors to children’s sociopragmatic development

So concludes the review by Pilar Prieto, ICREA research professor at the Department of Translation and Language Sciences, and Iris Hübscher, from the URPP Language and Space at the University of Zurich, which they have published in Frontiers in Psychology. The results are interesting regarding language learning, developmental psychology and language intervention.


Wisibilízalas, un concurs que vol trencar els estereotips de gènere relacionats amb les TIC, obre inscripcions

La iniciativa, que s’impulsa des del Departament de Tecnologies de la Informació i les Comunicacions, celebra enguany la seva quarta edició

Study by ISGlobal and CiSAL Named Best Original Epidemiology Article of 2018

The study, which explores the relationship between ambient temperatures and occupational injuries in Spain, was recognised by the Spanish Society of Epidemiology.

For the third consecutive year, UPF is among the 150 best in the world, according to Times Higher Education

In the 2020 edition of the World University Rankings, UPF comes 143rd in the world, 60th in Europe and 1st in Spain. The University has improved in the areas of research, international outlook and industry income, and continues to stand out in citations.


TV series penalize lesbian characters

Such are the findings of a study conducted by Rafael Ventura, a member of the Centre for Gender Studies with Mar Guerrero and Maria José Estables, researchers from the Department of Communication. The author calls the phenomenon the “dead lesbian syndrome” and suggests strategies to overcome it. The study pertains to the monograph Comunicación para el cambio social: propuestas para la acción (Tirant lo Blanch, 2019).


“Integrating a culture of 'less is more' is very difficult for Western society”

The administration and services staff of the UPF Postgraduate and Doctoral Studies Office is implementing “The Zero Waste Office”, a pioneering project at the University to make the transition to zero waste.


UPF is established among the top 150 universities in the world for Arts and Humanities in the Times Higher Education ranking by fields

It maintains the same position as in the last two editions, within the 126-150 bracket, making it the fourth university in Spain and 70th in Europe.


How do children express their state of knowledge of the world around them?

A study published in Journal of Language, Learning and Development by researchers with the Prosodic Studies Group led by Pilar Prieto, ICREA research professor with the Department of Translation and Language Sciences, reveals for the first time that three-year-olds use gestural and prosodic precursors in the expression of uncertainty, which they will express after five years of age through lexical cues.



The 5th issue of the magazine “360upf” features the EDvolució project

The University’s new model of education is featured in this issue, with a report and several opinion pieces within the “Kaleidoscope” section. Other features include the UPF Legal Clinic, the industrial doctorates and the interviews with professor Ignacio Lago and alumni Cristina Smandia (Humanities) and Marta Camus-Heras (Translation and Interpretation).


Musical perception: nature or nurture?

This is the subject of the research by Juan Manuel Toro (ICREA) and Carlota Pagès Portabella, researchers at the Center for Brain and Cognition, published in the journal Psychophysiology as part of a H2020 project being carried out with Fundació Bial to understand the neuronal bases of musical cognition.


Deciphering the irony and semantics of emoticons

This is the research line pursued by Francesco Barbieri for his doctoral thesis under the supervision of Horacio Saggion, considered the best doctoral thesis at the 35th Congress of the Spanish Society of Natural Language Processing 2019, held from 24 to 27 September at the University of the Basque Country.


A study posits contrast as a separate category in Catalan sign language and in the field of information structure

Doctoral research being carried out by Alexandra Navarrete at the Department of Translation and Language Sciences, has earned her the second prize for best presentation at the 52nd annual conference of the Societas Linguistica Europaea (SLE) held from 21 to 24 August in Leipzig (Germany).


MiWEndo Solutions, a spin-off that is to develop a device to improve the early detection of colorectal cancer

Supported by UPF, the UPC, Hospital Clínic and ICREA, it will use microwave technology to automate the detection of polyps during colonoscopies.


Researchers reveal what the mysterious Denisovans looked like based on the tip of a pinky bone

The study, published in Cell, provides for the first time a reconstruction of the physical look of this human population still totally unknown.


UPF joins the UNESCO chair on Language Policy for Multilingualism

It is the first university from Spain and the third in Europe to join this prestigious international network researching into multilingualism.  


Full-body interaction videogames could enhance social initiation skills among children with autism spectrum disorders

Communicating with others is one of the biggest difficulties for autistic children. Asking for help, initiating social interaction and sharing their emotions become skills that require learning through exercises and therapy. Interventions based on games that require the use of technology have proved to facilitate motivation and learning processes in children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD).


What is the role of satellites in the knowledge and dissemination of nuclear accidents?

Gemma Cirac-Claveras, a researcher of the Department of Humanities at UPF, is to conduct an innovative project funded by a European Marie Curie Sklodovska grant. NucSat, which will analyse the information generated and consumed after the nuclear accidents at Chernobyl in 1986 and Fukushima in 2011, will show the evolution of communication and how it has shaped political action and public opinion.


A single program that solves multiple problems automatically

This is the field of research chosen by Javier Segovia Aguas, whose doctoral thesis was distinguished by the European Association for Artificial Intelligence as the best European thesis on Artificial Intelligence 2018 at the international meeting held in Macau (China), on 14 August.


Com i quan els nadons adquireixen el patró de coordinació entre gest i parla

Ho mostra per primera vegada en un treball de Núria Esteve i Pilar Prieto, investigadores del Grup de d'Estudis de la Prosòdia del Departament de Traducció i Ciències del Llenguatge, que han publicat a la revista Speech Communication.

UPF remains the eleventh best young university in the world, according to Times Higher Education

“Young University Rankings 2019”, which includes a total of 351 centres under fifty years old, puts Pompeu Fabra in first place in the Spanish state and sixth in Europe.

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