Semantic and cognitive control deficits could be related in bilingual patients

Such are the findings of a study published in the journal Frontiers in Human Neuroscience by Marco Calabria, Nicholas Grunden, Mariona Serra and Albert Costa, members of the Speech Production and Bilingualism research group at the Center for Brain and Cognition, together with researchers from Hospital de la Santa Creu i Sant Pau.


Brightest youth scientific minds meet in Barcelona

From 7th to 23th August, 79 secondary school students from around the world are participating in real scientific experiments with outstanding scientists at the School for Molecular and Theoretical Biology (SMTB) in Barcelona, supported by the Zimin Foundation.


How did climate change determine human diasporas in South America during the Holocene?

Jonas Gregorio de Souza, a Marie Curie researcher at the UPF Department of Humanities, is to carry out the project “Examining Pan-Neotropical Diasporas” over the next two years to answer this question.


7 of the bachelor’s degrees given by Pompeu Fabra have a cut-off mark above 12

UPF has received 4,305 first-choice applications, a figure which gives a demand:supply ratio of 1.8, almost two applications per available place.


Mechanical forces control cell fate during brain formation

The study shows that during the embryonic development of the brain, the cells that are between adjacent segments detect the mechanical forces generated during morphogenesis to regulate the balance between progenitor stem cells and differentiated neurons. 

Cell movement under pressure

An international team of scientists has defined molecular mechanism that drives cell movement in extremely cramped environments through which the cells usually travel.



The vision of journalists on the evolution of health communication and biomedicine analysed

In this new study, Gema Revuelta analyses the perception of specialized journalists on the transformations in health communication and biomedicine in the last twenty years in Spain.


A paradoxical proinflammatory effect of endocannabinoids in the brain discovered

The results of the study in mice are contrary to what had been observed to date in other areas of the brain where endocannabinoids play an anti-inflammatory role. 

UPF’s EUTOPIA project has obtained a grant of 5 million euros from the Erasmus+ “European Universities” programme

The initiative is one of the 17 chosen throughout Europe under the new “European Universities Initiative” competitive call, launched by the European Commission in order to build a European Education Area


Nearly 2,200 students will come up on stage during the graduation ceremony

The undergraduate and postgraduate graduation ceremonies will take place on 5 and 6 July 2019 in the Roger de Llúria building on the Ciutadella campus, this year’s novelty being the presence of the first cohort of Global Studies.


UPF revives the “Diari de Barcelona” as a multichannel medium produced and conceived by students

It will be one of the first European universities to have a daily medium produced by its students. It will recover the historical newspaper “Diari de Barcelona”, following an agreement between Barcelona City Council and UPF, which will become a multi-channel digital platform.


Xavier Rubert de Ventós donates his personal archive to Pompeu Fabra

It is a collection of great cultural and scientific value in the field of philosophy, the history of ideas, and the humanities in general. Through this donation, the collection is sure to be disseminated and a cultural asset of great academic value, both to research and to teaching, will be preserved.

“Wisibilízalas” trebles the number of participants and has 240 new profiles of women working in technology

Almost 700 students have been eligible for the prizes awarded by the DTIC for giving visibility to the role of women in technology. In addition, there have been four honourable mentions and a special award for impact on social networks. The awards ceremony took place on Saturday 1 June on the Poblenou campus, within the framework of Women in Technology Day 2019.

Rin4’ awards a presentation on how neurons transport molecules over long distances

This was the central thesis of the four-minute presentation by Artem Komissarov, a PhD student of Biomedicine at UPF, winner of the fifth edition of the scientific dissemination competition organized by the University’s Doctoral School.


“Education for Transformation”, collaboration with the TIDE research group with UNESCOCAT

On 11 July, the Escola Virolai school in Barcelona held the presentation of the project that includes the development of a quality framework for Project-Based Learning focusing on the Sustainable Development Goals.


There are no digital natives, young people acquire their digital skills through informal learning

These are the results of a study conducted by Maria-Jose Masanet, Mar Guerrero Pico and María José Establés, researchers with the Department of Communication recently published on 14 July in the journal Learning, Media and Technology. This article is part of the Transmedia Literacy project, led by Carlos Alberto Scolari.


The MTG is co-organizing the Sónar Innovation Challenge, the professional section of the festival

As part of Sónar+D, from 17 to 19 July, the Sónar Innovation Challenge is being held in Barcelona, coordinated by the Music Technology research group of the Department of Information and Communication Technologies, which has just celebrated its 25th anniversary.


UPF remains the eleventh best young university in the world, according to Times Higher Education

“Young University Rankings 2019”, which includes a total of 351 centres under fifty years old, puts Pompeu Fabra in first place in the Spanish state and sixth in Europe.


RECSM researchers are part of Core Scientific Team of the European Social Survey for the 4th time

They contribute to the questionnaire development, translation and data quality assessment, as well as the implementation of international standards in the Survey methodology.


L'Institut d'Història organizes the 50th Conference of the Association for Spanish and Portuguese Historical Studies

Some 250 scholars from the United States and Europe will visit the Ciutadella campus from 10 to 13 July to discuss recent and innovative topics around this discipline.
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