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Brightest youth scientific minds meet in Barcelona

From 7th to 23th August, 79 secondary school students from around the world are participating in real scientific experiments with outstanding scientists at the School for Molecular and Theoretical Biology (SMTB) in Barcelona, supported by the Zimin Foundation.


Mechanical forces control cell fate during brain formation

The study shows that during the embryonic development of the brain, the cells that are between adjacent segments detect the mechanical forces generated during morphogenesis to regulate the balance between progenitor stem cells and differentiated neurons. 

How did climate change determine human diasporas in South America during the Holocene?

Jonas Gregorio de Souza, a Marie Curie researcher at the UPF Department of Humanities, is to carry out the project “Examining Pan-Neotropical Diasporas” over the next two years to answer this question.


Cell movement under pressure

An international team of scientists has defined molecular mechanism that drives cell movement in extremely cramped environments through which the cells usually travel.



A paradoxical proinflammatory effect of endocannabinoids in the brain discovered

The results of the study in mice are contrary to what had been observed to date in other areas of the brain where endocannabinoids play an anti-inflammatory role. 

The vision of journalists on the evolution of health communication and biomedicine analysed

In this new study, Gema Revuelta analyses the perception of specialized journalists on the transformations in health communication and biomedicine in the last twenty years in Spain.

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