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“The erotic body of the actress under fascisms”

A book that includes the work of various authors, published in May, in the Signe i imatge collection by Cátedra publishers, coordinated by Núria Bou and Xavier Pérez, members of the Department of Communication’s CINEMA research group.


EyeHarp and Voctro Labs, two proposals present at Sònar+D 2018

From 13 to 16 June, this international conference brings to the city of Barcelona 5,000 accredited members of 3,000 companies from 65 countries that participate in more than 100 scheduled activities. The Music Technology Group will be co-hosting the Innovation Challenge 2018 area.


A study recommends integrating Roma models in teaching and to analyse the underlying reasons for school failure among this community

The project "Vakeripen", drefted by GRITIM-UPF, in collaboration with Rromane Siklǒvne association and Pere Closa Private Foundation, has been based on workshops and dialogue sessions with families and teachers from different residential areas in the metropolitan area of Barcelona considered marginal.


UPF gathered the best European music researchers

With some 200 participants, from 11 to 13 June, at the first European Research Music Conference, organized by the Music Technology Group and the European Research Council.  A showcase for projects funded by the European Commission related to all areas of music: musicology, music technology, as well as artificial intelligence, neuroscience and cognition.   


Scientists identify an ion channel used by viruses to infect host cells

The study provides new lines of research for therapeutic possibilities to tackle Dengue, Hepatitis C and Zika virus infections. The study, led by Miguel Ángel Valverde, has been published today in Nature Communications.


Tolerance to ambiguity is a key factor that determines the social decisions of cooperation among people

According to a study published on 12 June in the journal Nature Communications by  Marc-Lluís Vives, a researcher of the Center for Brain and Cognition, together with Oriel FeldmanHall, a researcher in the Department of Cognitive, Linguistic and Psychological Sciences of Brown University (USA).

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