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Jaume Garcia Villar, appointed member of the European Statistical Governance Advisory Board

He is a full professor with the Department of Economics and Business at UPF and a researcher at the Center for Research in Health and Economics. He received the distinction thanks to his exceptional career in the field of statistics.


Eight researchers to start their scientific career at UPF thanks to Marie Curie grants

So proclaimed the European Commission on 29 January. By fields, three grants are for researchers with the Department of Humanities, two with the Department of Economics and Business, one with the Department of Law, one with the Department of Information and Communication Technologies, and one with the Department of Language Sciences. A total of almost 1.3 million euros to boost research.


A new MOOC is to introduce the concept of responsible research and innovation

Concepts and Practice of Responsible Research and Innovation is the name of the new open online course offered by UPF through the HEIRRI (Higher Education Institutions & Responsible Research and Innovation) project. The course will begin on 26 February and registrations are still open. 

The BGSMath and UPF bring mathematics and business together to streamline the digital revolution of Industry 4.0

On 19 February on the Ciutadella campus, “Maths for Industry 4.0” is to bring together mathematicians who work in statistics, modelling and data science with the companies best prepared to enter the digital transformation. The conference is one of the initiatives of Mobile Week in Barcelona.


Towards a circular industrial economy by means of synthetic biology

Within the European project MADONNA, chemical reactions not found in nature but common in industry and chemical engineering will be introduced in biological networks. As a result, industry will be transformed into a cyclic process in which waste and pollutants will become assets instead of liabilities 


A gene that increases the risk of pancreatic cancer controls inflammation in normal tissue

Healthy cells suppress inflammation unless it is required. This finding suggests new strategies to improve the prevention of pancreatic cancer. The research, lead by Francisco Real, full professor at the Department of Health and Experimental Sciencies, is published on the 14th of February in Nature magazine.

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