We develop a large number of software tools and hosting infrastructures to support the research developed at the Department. We will be detailing in this section the different tools available. You can take a look for the moment at the offer available within the UPF Knowledge Portal, the innovations created in the context of EU projects in the Innovation Radar and the software sections of some of our research groups:


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Back Rocket viewer - visualiser for multiple types of data (such as medical or biological data) from the web or the local file system

This simple and generic viewer allows you to visualize different kinds of data such as medical and biological images, 3D surfaces, electric signals (ECGs) and documents.

Rocket viewer allows visualizing data from the web or loading information from the local file system by simply dragging and dropping a file into the browser.

Rocket viewer is © Universitat Pompeu Fabra 2017. Original Developers: Carlos Yagüe Méndez, María del Pilar García, Daniele Pezzatini. Contributors: Sergio Sánchez Martínez, Oscar Cámara, Bart Bijnens.

Compatible formats

  • Medical images:DICOM (one frame = 2D visualization, multi-frame = 2D visualization + t)
  • Biological images: TIFF
  • Signals: PDF
  • Surfaces: VTK (3D Visualization), PLY (3D Visualization)
  • Surfaces + Medical images: NRRD (3D Visualization)
  • Electric signals: CSV files

Cite as

Carlos Yagüe. (2018, January 31). bcnmedtech/rocket_viewer: Rocket viewer – V1.0 (Version 1.0). Zenodo. http://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.1163519

Try the viewer here

Details and download https://github.com/bcnmedtech/rocket_viewer