We have relevant datasets, repositories, frameworks and tools of relevance for research and technology transfer initiatives related to knowledge extraction. This section provides an overview on a selection of them and links to download or contact details.

The MdM Strategic Research Program has its own community in Zenodo for material available in this repository  as well as at the UPF e-repository  . Below a non-exhaustive list of datasets representative of the research in the Department.

As part of the promotion of the availability of resources, the creation of specific communities in Zenodo has also been promoted, at level of research communities (for instance, MIR and Educational Data Analytics) or MSc programs (for instance, the Master in Sound and Music Computing)



Back [TEXT] KGRec-sound - Sound recommendation dataset

[TEXT] KGRec-sound - Sound recommendation dataset

Number of items: 21,552
Number of users: 20,000
Number of items-users interactions: 2,117,698

All the data comes from Freesound.org. Items are sounds, which are described in terms of textual description and tags created by the sound creator at uploading time.

Files and folders in the dataset and download at http://mtg.upf.edu/download/datasets/knowledge-graph-rec