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Back [TEXT] Dr. Inventor Multi-layer Scientific Corpus

The Dr. Inventor Multi-Layer Scientific Corpus (DRI Corpus) is the result of collaborative annotation efforts carried out in the context of the European Project Dr. Inventor (FP7-ICT-2013.8.1 - Grant no:611383).

The Corpus includes 40 Computer Graphics papers, selected by domain experts. Each paper of the Corpus has been annotated by three annotators by providing the following layers of annotations, each one characterizing a core aspect of scientific publications:

  • Scientific discourse: each sentence has been associated to a specific scientific discourse category (Background, Approach, Chalenge, Future Work, etc.).
  • Subjective statements and novelty: each sentence has been characterized with respect to advantages, disadvantages and novel aspects presented.
  • Citation purpose: to each citation has been associated a purpose specifying the reason why the authors of the paper cited the specific piece of research.
  • Summary relevance of sentences and hand written summaries: each sentence of the paper has been characterized by an integer score ranging from 1 to 5, to point out the relevance of the same sentence for its includion in the summary of the paper. Sentences rated as 5 are the most relevant ones to summarize a paper. For each paper three hand-written summaries (max 250 words) are provided.


To get more details concerning the annotation procedure and schema used, you can go to the following section (Corpus structure) of this page or refer ro the following paper: On the Discoursive Structure of Computer Graphics Research Papers for the scientific discourse layer, while for the other three annotation layers to this other article: A Multi-Layered Annotated Corpus of Scientific Papers.


The instructions to download the Corpus are explained in the Download section

International Standard Language Resource Number (ISLRN) of the Corpus: 372-096-409-709-2