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Back [TEXT] Dataset for paper "Sharing emotions at scale: The Vent dataset"

[TEXT] Dataset for paper "Sharing emotions at scale: The Vent dataset"

Lykousas, Nikolaos; Patsakis, Costantinos; Kaltenbrunner, Andreas; Gómez, Vicenç

This dataset is linked to the paper "Sharing emotions at scale: The Vent dataset" (arXiv:1901.04856 [cs.SI]) , and contains data collected from the Vent social network (https://www.vent.co/).

It is structured in files each containing a different entity (i.e. emotion categories, emotions, vent metadata and social links). Entities external to each file are cross-referenced via the anonymized  universally unique identifiers (UUIDs).

Supplementary material: 10.5281/zenodo.2537982

The dataset consists of the following files and data – see the information at http://doi.org/10.5281/zenodo.2537838