The Group's purpose is to reflect on various issues to do with social movements. The Group has set itself five main aims:

  • To study social movements, historically and as they are today, from different approaches and disciplines: sociology, philosophy, social sciences, history, social psychology, cultural studies and communication;
  • To maintain contact with the people from both the academic world and the social movements themselves who are carrying out research on social movements;
  • To provide guidance on research and information on the existing archives and document collections;
  • To track what is written and published on social movements (books, articles, doctoral theses);
  • To disseminate the results of the Group's reflections and research through conferences, seminars, congresses, debates, book presentations, university and non-university courses, and printed and digital publications.


Funding organisation: AGAUR, Generalitat de Catalunya
Type: emergent research group
Duration: From September 2009 to April 2014
Reference: 2009 SGR 1035
Coordinator: Guiu Payà, Jordi
Team members: Sampedro Blanco, Víctor (University Rey Juan Carlos); Prat Carvajal, Enric (Centre d'Estudis sobre Moviments Socials, UPF); Arribas, Sonia (UPF); Firenze, Antonino (UPF); Grau Biosca, Elena (CEMS, UPF); López Arnal, Salvador (IES Puig Castellar); Mir Garcia, Jordi (UPF); Fassi, Florencia (UPF); Vivas Esteve, Esther (CEMS, UPF); González García, Robert (IES Ramon Casas i Carbó de Palau-Solità i Plegamans), i Luque Sánchez; Pau (University of Geneve, Itàlia).


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