Back The impact of coronavirus on UPF and society, the main topic dealt with in the new issue of “360upf”

The impact of coronavirus on UPF and society, the main topic dealt with in the new issue of “360upf”

The sixth edition of the magazine includes reports on how the institution and its groups have adapted to the exceptional situation; multidisciplinary opinion articles; interviews with Quim Gea, Dean of the Faculty of Health and Life Sciences, and Jian Sun, Alumni resident in China, not to mention other academic and current issues.

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360upf, the magazine that reviews current University affairs through its innovative format, has published its sixth issue, which mainly focuses on the impact of coronavirus on UPF and society in general. This edition reflects the exceptional circumstances caused by the pandemic, with consequences that no one had foreseen, and efforts by the entire university community to adapt to the new situation.

In this regard, the spring issue of the magazine, available in three languages (Catalan, Spanish and English - shortly in full) includes several sections related to the coronavirus crisis. Most notable are the reports entitled “COVID-19 empties the University’s classrooms” and “Students transform their homes into private campuses”, which include the views of various members of the university community: students, administration and service staff and teaching and research staff.

The new issue includes the testimony of students, administration and services staff, and teaching and research staff, who explain how they have adapted to the new situation.

The former reviews how the situation has forced UPF to become a university offering non-face-to-face teaching, putting the entire community and the institutional digital transformation strategy initiated ten years ago to the test. The second article explains how since private homes have become the new classrooms, UPF students have had to make a great effort to adapt to the new situation, get into new routines, and experience non-face-to-face teaching for the first time.

Other topics related to coronavirus are the Kaleidoscope section which, under the title “The challenges of the pandemic”, offers opinion articles by lecturers and researchers in various fields of knowledge and from departments of the University, and two interviews, one with Quim Gea, dean of the Faculty of Health and Live Sciences at UPF and head of Pneumology at Mar Hospital; and Jian Sun, a graduate in Economics and the driving force behind the network of Alumni and students in China. The section Tres60 brings this area to a close, focusing on “Lockdown culture”, which includes several examples of the creativity of the university community during lockdown.

The climate emergency, proteomics and residences in the Tallers Area in three reports

The new issue, despite concentrating on coronavirus, does not overlook other fundamental aspects related to academic activities and campus current affairs, which are looked at in depth in three reports: “This is how universities are fighting climate change” shows how the university must become a more engaged social actor in the world in which we live; “Proteomics, what cells can tell us about history”, explains various research and projects conducted at UPF concerning these essential molecules for life, and “Residences in the Tallers Area: boosting external talent through collaboration with the university community”, showcases this initiative that brings together six projects dealing with creation, applied research and entrepreneurship in the new co-working area created in the Tallers Area on the Poblenou campus.

The sixth issue of 360upf is completed by its regular sections Quiztime, this time dedicated to the 125th anniversary of the first cinema screening by the Lumière brothers; and UPF Highlights, which includes nine University news items offering a review of current University affairs.



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