Senior Lecturer
Departament d'Humanitats - Institut Universitari d'Història Jaume Vicens Vives
GEHC History of Science Studies Research Group

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Ramon Trias Fargas, 25-27 08005 Barcelona


Daniele Cozzoli (1968). Director of the Master's programme in World History. PhD University of Rome "La Sapienza". Currently Associate Professor (Professor Agregat) of History of Science at UPF, where he has previously been "Juan de la Cierva" fellow and "Ramón y Cajal" fellow. He has also been academic secretary of the IUHJVV. He is currently working (with M. Capocci) on a book project on biomedicine and the relationship between Italian emigration and colonialism. His research interests includes the relationship between microhistory, World History and history of science; the scientific expeditions to South America; the circulation of knowledge between USA, Western Europe and the Soviet Block during the Cold War; the relationship between popular magic and natural magic in Renaissance.

His most recent publications include:

The Post-colonial Context of Daniel Bovet's Research on Curare in Manning, P. - Savelli, M. ed. The Life Sciences after World War II: Institutional Change and International Connections, Pittsburgh: Pittsburgh University Press, 2018.

"Ethno-biology During the Cold War: Biocca's expedition to Amazonia." Centaurus, 58: 281 - 309, 2017.

Ho avuto solo molta fortuna. Biografia intellettuale di Daniel Bovet (1907-1992). Rome: Carocci, 2016.

Penicillin and the Reconstruction of Japan, Medicina nei Secoli, 26(2). 449 - 66, 2014.

Penicillin and the European Response to Postwar American Hegemony: the case of Leo-penicillin, History and Technology, 30(1-2): 83 - 103, 2014.

Making Biomedicine in Twentieth Century Italy: Domenico Marotta (1886-1974) and the Italian Higher Institute of Health, with M. Capocci, The British Journal for the History of Science, 44(4): 549 - 74, 2011.