On behalf of the collaboration grant conceded by the Ministry of Education to the Humanities Undergraduate Degree student Thibault Legendre, and under Dr. Raquel Bouso's supervision, the Institut de Cultura is pleased to invite you on June, 13th to this Seminar that approaches the matters of image and gesture from an interdisciplinary and transversal perspective.


Between June 26 and July 1, 2019, it will take place at St. Ottilien Archabbey monastery (Eresing, Germany), the thirteenth international congress organized by the association of academics The European Network of Buddhist Christian Studies (ENBCS). This edition has received the following title: "Buddhist-Christian Encounter - A Visionary Approach. A Conference inspired by Lynn A. de Silva (1919-1982)".


On July 12 and 13 the Museum of Montserrat organizes the eighth edition of the summer course, which this year will be about spirituality and transcendence in abstract art. During the course, Montserrat will receive first-class figures such as the artist Sean Scully, the creator of the intervention in Santa Cecília de Montserrat. Amador Vega, a UPF lecturer, will give a lecture entitled "L’art de Mark Rothko: lectures de l’abstracció" and Raquel Bouso, another UPF lecturer, will give another lecture entitled “De budes, arbres i ombres. L’espiritualitat en l’art de Tatsuo Miyajima".


Between August 29 and September 1, the 5th Annual Congress of the European Network of Japanese Philosophy is held at Nanzan University in Nagoya, with the central theme "Philosophy and Beauty ". Together with the lecturers Keta Masako and Morioka Masahiro, lecturer Raquel Bouso is the "Keynote speaker." The period established to receive proposals for articles and posters remains open until April 30, 2019, and the registration period remains open until August 1.