Back Statement issued by the management of Pompeu Fabra University

Statement issued by the management of Pompeu Fabra University



In view of the information that has appeared in a media outlet regarding alleged cases of harassment in the workplace, UPF wishes to clarify: 

1. That the previous rector of the University initiated a disciplinary procedure to clarify the facts (dated 13 February 2023), which is currently being processed. Disciplinary procedures are the strongest tool available to universities to ascertain possible misconduct and are subject to rules governing due confidentiality.

2. That the rector has asked the person conducting the disciplinary procedure to proceed as quickly as possible, respecting the deadlines provided for in the law –which can be extended up to a maximum of one year– and with the utmost rigour while ensuring the rights of all the affected parties.

3.  That, ex officio, UPF has initiated a process to review the mechanisms and procedures at its disposal to channel and resolve cases that may affect people’s well-being with the aim of identifying possible aspects for improvement. A commitment to the well-being of the community as a whole is and must remain a fundamental principle of Pompeu Fabra University.

14 March 2023



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