(Agreement on the procedure for the validation of credits completed in advanced vocational training programmes (CFGSs) in the context of undergraduate university studies of 5 November 2008, within the framework of the cooperation agreement between the Catalan Ministry of Education, the Catalan Ministry of Universities, Research and the Information Society, and the Universities of Catalonia of 13 May 2005) 

To apply for the validation of credits, you must first check the current equivalences between CFGS and official undergraduate programmes as shown on the following website run by the Catalan government: Canal Universitats.

If you make a search for the branch of knowledge and choose the Pompeu Fabra University, you will find all the UPF studies related to this branch. Click on the programme in which you are interested to be taken to its specific programme page. Go to the bottom of that page to find "Validations".This section will include the list of CFGS programmes subject to recognition. Select a specific CFGS programme to see which subjects can be validated for the corresponding official undergraduate degree. You will also be able to see whether the CFGS programme is governed by the former Spanish Education Act (Organic Law on Education or LOE). Unless otherwise expressly indicated, it is governed by the current Spanish Education Act (General Organic Law on the Education System or LOGSE).

Procedure for applying for the validation of credits (programmes at UPF centres)

You must submit the completed application form for the validation of credits from 1st to 20th of September. 

New students enrolled after 20th September can submit the application form during the 20 days following the enrollment.

This procedure is not subject to payment of the public price for the assessment for the recognition of academic credits.

The validation of credits entails payment to the University the percentage of the price of the corresponding number of credits according with the prices set in the Catalan Decree on public prices. Students who have requested the validation of CFGS credits and credits on which they have already enrolled may request the refund of the percentage resting of the cost of such credits until 31 May of the academic year in which the application was submitted.