Duration Four academic years
Fee 1.657,12€ (aproximate fee for EU citizens. Approximate fee for non EU citizens or residents)
Places 60 (30 at UPF, 15 at the UAM and 15 at UC3M)

The students can enrol in any of the three universities that organize this degree, following the usual enrollment procedures for that autonomous community. The 1st year is taught in Barcelona (at UPF) and the 2nd in Madrid (a semester at UAM and another at UC3M). Regarding the 3rd and 4th years, students will attend the university where they have enrolled. 

Branch of knowledge
Social and Legal Sciences
Full-time study programme
Academic year
From September to June
240 ECTS credits

Catalan, Spanish and English (depending on the subject)

Students will spend both semesters of the first academic year in Barcelona, at UPF, and the second academic year in Madrid, at the UAM and UC3M
UAM, UC3M and UPF (general coordinator) - [email protected]