Acces and admission Global Studies

Pathway exclusive to students from outside the EU that hold an upper secondary education qualification. Access to the bachelor’s degree in Global Studies at Pompeu Fabra University via this pathway is available to all students who have completed upper secondary education or equivalent studies in June 2020 and have their qualification officially recognized or a document certifying that such has been applied for.

International Baccalaureate students must gain access via the pathway for students from education systems of the European Union.

To access the bachelor’s degree in Global Studies you must follow the following circuit:

1) Apply at the University Access Office from 23th June to 29th July 2020.  (box no. 1). You can consult the instructions to do it

2) Once access has been granted, Pompeu Fabra University will send you a letter of admission. (box no. 2).

3) Once access and admission are confirmed, you will be able to register in September
(box no. 3).

For further information, please contact [email protected].

  1. Application and documentation procedure
  2. Admission and reserve
  3. Enrolment