Back Three UPF degrees considered the best in Spain

Three UPF degrees considered the best in Spain

They are the bachelor’s degrees in Political and Administration Sciences, Economics, and Labour Relations, according to the “50 carreras” ranking published by the newspaper El Mundo. A further seven degrees are among the top five in their field. Moreover, the ranking of the CYD Foundation deems UPF the fourth highest-performing university.


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UPF has again positioned many of its degree courses among the best in the state in the new edition of the “50 carreras”  ranking, published by the newspaper El Mundo. This classification, which assesses all public and private universities, includes the 50 degrees most in demand by students last July and the five best universities at which to take them.

The ranking assesses a total of fourteen of the 27  bachelor’s degrees on offer at UPF, three of which come in first position (bachelor’s degrees in Political and Administration Sciences, Economics, and Labour Relations), one in second (bachelor’s degree in Business Sciences-Management), three in fourth (bachelor’s degrees in Audiovisual Communication, Law, and Advertising and Public Relations), and three in fifth (bachelor’s degrees in Business Management and Administration (ADE), double bachelor’s degree in Law + ADE, and Journalism).

With these overall results, UPF continues along the good line of previous editions of the ranking and remains stable in the leading positions.

El Mundo ranking selection criteria

The report by El Mundo presents data on the top 45 Spanish universities, with the public ones dominating the table. 25 assessment criteria were considered, spread across three main sections. The first is a questionnaire given to lecturers throughout Spain (with a 40% weighting); the second section includes data from the universities themselves -university demand, human resources, material resources, curriculum, results and information on context- (accounting for 50% of the final score). And the third section, corresponding to 10% of the final score, takes external information into account from international rankings and reports by the ANECA, the Spanish National Agency for Quality Assessment and Accreditation.

Research, the spearhead of the University in the  CyD Foundation ranking

Overall, UPF is considered the fourth-highest performing university in the Spanish State, according to the Ranking CyD 2021, conducted by the Fundación Conocimiento y Desarrollo (CyD), and comes in prominent positions for Research.

The ranking, now in its eighth year, has analysed 77 universities, 1 more than the previous year, in Spain. The list includes a total of 37 indicators (classified based on three levels of performance: high, medium and low), across five dimensions: Teaching and learning, Research, Knowledge transfer, International Outreach, and Contribution to regional development.

UPF obtains high performance for 25 indicators, equalling the results of the previous edition. This puts the University in fourth place overall. Among the five dimensions of the ranking, the University stands out especially for Research, for which it comes third.

An interactive tool that adapts to different target audiences

The ranking by the CyD Foundation, which uses the philosophy of the EC’s U-Multirank, constructed on the basis of relative indicators, aims to be an interactive and comparative tool where it is the user who seeks and selects the universities based on categories that s/he deems important.

It is designed to provide information and decision-making criteria both for future students, university administrators, lecturers, researchers, public authorities, companies, and other social stakeholders wishing to establish ties with a university.



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