Back The 5th issue of the magazine “360upf” features the EDvolució project

The 5th issue of the magazine “360upf” features the EDvolució project

The University’s new model of education is featured in this issue, with a report and several opinion pieces within the “Kaleidoscope” section. Other features include the UPF Legal Clinic, the industrial doctorates and the interviews with professor Ignacio Lago and alumni Cristina Smandia (Humanities) and Marta Camus-Heras (Translation and Interpretation).


Imatge inicial

The magazine 360upf, available in three languages (Catalan, Spanish and English -coming soon-), consolidates a review of the current affairs of the University in an innovative format through the publication of its fifth issue, which includes a variety of reports, interviews, regular sections and several improvements in respect of browsing.

This issue features the EDvolució project, via the report ”EDvolució, UPF’s new educational model”, and the “Kaleidoscope” section, which includes articles under the heading “The change in first person”, of four experts in educational innovation: Coral Regí, director of Escola Virolai in Barcelona; Eduard Vallory, president of the UNESCO Centre of Catalonia and director of Escola Nova 21; Eliud Quintero, director of the bachelor’s degree in Educational Innovation at Monterrey Institute of Technology, and Ana Rodera, an international professor of the master’s degree in Educational Technology and Innovation (MATIE) at the National University of Costa Rica (UNA).

The magazine includes a further two reports: “Industrial doctorate: one foot in industry, the other in academia”, which includes the experiences of Pere Ripoll, a student of the doctoral degree in Law, and “The UPF Legal Clinic, a meeting point for social justice and innovation in law”, which presents the actions taken so far and the future prospects for the initiative of the UPF Faculty of Law, under way since the 2018-2019 academic year.

This issue includes interviews with Ignacio Lago, full professor with the Department of Political and Social Sciences; Cristina Smandia, a Humanities alumni and head of the Planning and Dissemination of Activities of CosmoCaixa, and Marta Camus-Heras, newly graduated in translation and interpreting.

The “Innova” section includes three videos about “Creative solutions for scientific, technological and cultural challenges”; the “UPF highlights”, and “Tres60”, which focuses on the festivities of the University.

“Quiztime” to test knowledge and improved browsing

A new section has been created in this issue, “Quiztime”, whereby you can test your knowledge of a specific subject. This time it hinges around the works of Leonardo da Vinci, whose 500th anniversary of his death (1519-2019) is being commemorated this year.

With regard to design and usability, several browsing improvements have been implemented. An option has been included within each article to enable alternative and horizontal browsing; content loading time has been improved; and the main menu has been rendered more usable and more friendly.

The first issue of 360upf was published in October 2017 and last academic year it was awarded the prize for “Innovation in Communication”, and 2nd Prize by the European Association of Communication Professionals in Higher Education (EUPRIO), the benchmark European association in matters of university communication.



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