Back BTV interview to Narcís Parés and Ciera Crowell

BTV interview to Narcís Parés and Ciera Crowell

researchers from research group CMTECH (Cognitive Multimedia Technologies) in DTIC Department at the UPF. 



The full-body interaction proposes the use of gestures, location and body movements of the user to interact with the game.  This technological concept was addressed last Wednesday 16 November in an interview in BTV Radio on innovative initiatives in Barcelona. During the interview the researchers of the group CMTECH, the research basis of which approaches the full-body interaction concept, presented their research projects. Among these projects stood out exergames (also known as active collaborative games) a sort of games intended to promote physical activity to counteract sedentary attitudes. The Interactive Slide, sponsored by the Ministry of Science and Innovation, is one of those games developed to assimilate in exergames technology, a useful tool to carry out studies oriented to promote physical activity and to control sedentary activity in children. Another project that was also brought up was Lands of fog, a virtual full-body interaction designed to promote collaboration and social behaviors in children with autism and to facilitate their social integration. This project was carried out with the support of RecerCaixa2013 subentions, from Obra Social la Caixa.

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