Falling Walls Lab Barcelona - September 12th 2017, 16h

Falling Walls Lab Barcelona - September 12th 2017, 16h



September 12th 2017, 16h.

Auditorium, Roc Boronat 138, Barcelona. 

UPF Communication Campus.

Registration is free but required here.



Moderator of the session: Guillermo Orts Gil (FECYT/MINECO)



  • Diana Patricia Alvarado Solano (Palacký University Olomouc). Breaking the Wall of land use and climate change in my region. Resilient and adaptive landscape to climate change.
  • Aissa Arous (National Research Council - IVALSA). Breaking the Wall of water deficit. Exploitation of HTP for saving water and yield.
  • Yoran Beldengrün (IQAC-CSIC). Breaking the Wall of scientists. Scientists break walls, we help building bridges.
  • Martí Busquets (Applied Nanoparticles SL). Breaking the Wall of climate change. Boosting biogas production with Nanotechnology.
  • Angela Delcast (UAB). Breaking the Wall of gender inequality and empowering women. Femiwho: who's who in the feminist world.
  • Francisco José Eiroa Orosa (University of Barcelona). Breaking the Wall of professionals' stigma in mental health. Promoting shared spaces for mental health recovery.
  • Ignacio Funes Ardoiz (ICIQ).  Breaking the Wall of energy production. Water as a fuel source? Check it computationally!
  • Ana García Díaz (Univ. Complutense). Breaking the Wall of freedom of education. Powerful ideas in the journey towards excellence.
  • G. Anthony Giannoumis (Oslo and Akershus University College of Applied Sciences). Breaking the Wall of web accessibility for disabled persons. Turning struggle into opportunity.
  • Steven Gottlieb (CSIC). Breaking the Wall of ... Gordon Moore. Imagine that future computers build themselves.
  • Lela Mélon (UPF). Breaking the Wall of shareholder value maximization. The shareholder value maximization as a myth.
  • Marcela Munoz (Instituto Universitário de Lisboa ISCTE). Breaking the Wall of inequalities urban settings. Urban transformations with planning innovations.
  • Marta Pimenta de Brito (Instituto Universitário de Lisboa ISCTE). Breaking the Wall of Ageism. Train, reuse, create and map intergenerationally.
  • Emre Ozan Polat (ICFO). Breaking the Wall of personal health monitoring. Wearable wellness patches showing health status.
  • Maria Rauschenberger (DTIC-UPF). Breaking the Wall of dyslexia. A tool with the potential to change children life.
  • Emiliano Salvagni (IQAC-CSIC). Breaking the Wall of eye infections due to contact lenses. Soft contact lenses with antibacterial activity.
  • Nivas Selvaraj (University of Aveiro). Breaking the Wall of lead based devices. New world, green materials with clean environment.
  • Zacharias Vamvakousis (DTIC-UPF). Breaking the Wall of accessibility in playing music. Everybody should have access to playing music.
  • Amilcar Vargas (University of Barcelona). Breaking the Wall of participation in world heritage sites. Participation in World Heritage is urgently needed.
  • Víctor Vilarrasa (CSIC). Breaking the Wall of geo-energies. Develop techniques to anticipate felt earthquakes.

DTIC-MdM Strategic Program: Data-Driven Knowledge Extraction - Falling Walls Lab Barcelona 2017