Back Inaugural lecture of the Engineering School, with Mònica Roca

Inaugural lecture of the Engineering School, with Mònica Roca

Next Tuesday, November 7, at 12:30 pm, the inaugural lecture of the 2023-2024 academic year of the Engineering School will take place, with the lecture "Is the objective important? A walk through space", with the speaker Mònica Roca.



Mònica Roca, telecommunications engineer, is the founder and director of isardSAT, an R&D company that provides solutions to challenges such as climate change through the processing of data obtained from Earth observation from space.

In addition, she was president of the Barcelona Chamber of Commerce until 2023 and previously worked as head of the radar system "Altimeter" of the European satellite EnviSat of the European Space Agency. 

Mònica Roca will give the inaugural lecture entitled "Is the target important? A walk in space", where she will talk about how the race of life is long, and has to be fun and exciting. Everything you do is very relevant and at the same time very little crucial in the pursuit of the final goal. 



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