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UPF Economics research team receives BBVA Foundation grant to investigate Big Data

UPF Economics research team receives BBVA Foundation grant to investigate Big Data


UPF Department of Economics and Business professors Barbara Rossi, Majid Al-Sadoon, Christian Brownlees, and Geert Mesters have been awarded a BBVA Foundation grant for scientific research investigating Big Data in Economics. Their project is one of 26 from Spanish research teams that were selected to receive funding from the BBVA Foundation's 2016 call.

The research project, titled "Analysis of Big Data in Economics and Empirical Applications", will develop new methodologies for the economic analysis of large time series panels, particularly geared towards forecasting.

Analysis of large datasets is an increasingly active topic of research in econometrics, with numerous applications in macroeconomics and finance. Large economic and financial time series panels are commonly encountered in many research areas, and efforts are made to collect new panels and extend existing ones. One of the main objectives in the analysis of large panels of time series is forecasting. However, forecasting in a high dimensional setting comes with a number of challenges.

This project will contribute to emerging literature on forecasting in high dimensional environments, which has been an extremely active area of research in recent years. The research will be divided into a number of projects, with each activity aiming to produce a paper introducing a new methodology, providing rigorous theoretical analysis, and documenting empirical performance.

Read more details about the project on the BBVA Foundation site, or find more research by these UPF professors on their personal websites: