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Guasch, Martí

Job market candidate

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Tel. +34 93 542 2575

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EAA Job Market For Accounting Academics, November 3-4, Madrid, Spain



Research interests

Accounting and Entrepreneurial Finance.

Placement officer

Filippo Ippolito
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Mircea Epure (Advisor)
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Javier Gómez-Biscarri (Advisor)
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Wayne Landsman
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"The information content of earnings announcements in newly public firms: Evidence from the JOBS Act" (Job Market Paper)
This study examines the effects of a major disclosure deregulation on the informativeness of accounting information in newly public firms. The Jumpstart Our Business Startups Act (JOBS Act) relaxes disclosure requirements during the IPO and the five subsequent years of being a public company for a new category of issuer (the Emerging Growth Company, EGC). Using a sample of US IPO issuers between 2002 and 2015, I document a significant difference in the information content of earnings for EGC (reduced disclosure) relative to non EGC (full disclosure) firms after the JOBS Act. First, EGC firms experience a decline in the information content of earnings. This result is driven not only by the reduced mandatory disclosure, but also by an increase in the EGC firms’ voluntary disclosure through revenue-related press releases preceding the earnings announcements. In addition, I show that fewer analysts follow EGC firms after the Act, which is consistent with a decline in the information content of earnings for these firms. Second, I show an unexpected increase in the information content of earnings of non EGC firms after the Act. This provides evidence of a spillover effect, since non EGC firms should not have been affected by the deregulation. I explain this effect by an increase in the number of analysts following non EGC firms after the Act.


Working Papers and Research in Progress

“Information asymmetry reduction in opaque contexts: Evidence from debt and outside equity financing in early stage firms” with Mircea Epure.

Barcelona GSE Working Paper n. 941. SSRN. R&R at the Journal of Business Venturing.

“The role of financial and managerial accounting information in young firm equity investments and valuation”, with Davila, A.

“Perception and investments: Evidence from CEO communications in early stage investments”, with Davila, A.

Other Publications

Epure, M., Guasch, M. (2016). Attracting early stage investors: Is debt a deterrent or an incentive? Academy of Management Best Paper Proceedings 2016(1), 15598.

Guasch, M. (2013). Rio Tinto. Un esfuerzo hacia la transparencia fiscal [An effort towards fiscal transparency]. Revista de Contabilidad y Dirección, 16, 335-347.

Amat, O., Cancelo, A., Guasch, M., Miró, M., Reig, M., Serra, A. Sunyer, R. (2012). Realitats i reptes del cooperativisme de treball [Reality and challenges of work cooperatives]. Seira Foundation and the Federation of Worker Cooperatives of Catalonia.

Amat, O., Campa, F., Guasch, S., Guasch, M., Romay, C., Soriano, M.J., Soldevila, P. (2010). Manual de Control de Gestión [Management Control textbook]. Profit Editorial. Barcelona.