Calsamiglia, Xavier

PhD University of Minnesota
Office: 208

+34 93 542 2728
[email protected]
Ramon Trias Fargas, 25-27 08005 Barcelona


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Research interests: Mathematical Economics, General Equilibrium, Decentralization Theory, Fiscal Federalism, Public Economics

Assistant: Maria Rosa Laorden
Curriculum vitae: PDF

A unique Informationally Efficient and Decentralized Mechanism with Fair Outcomes
by Xavier Calsamiglia and A Kirman
Econometrica, Vol.61, No.5, 1993

Composite Goods and Revealed Preference
by Xavier Calsamiglia
International Economic Review, Vol. 19 nº 2, 1978

Decentralized Resource Allocation and Increasing Returns
by Xavier Calsamiglia
Journal of Economic Theory, Vol. 14, 1977