Serra, Daniel

Catedràtic d'Universitat
Office: 20.293
PhD Johns Hopkins University

+34 93 542 1666
[email protected]
Ramon Trias Fargas, 25-27 08005 Barcelona


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Research interests: Quantitative management. Logistics. Regional Science

Assistant: Georgina Folguera
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Marianov, Vladimir, and Serra, Daniel. Median problems in networks, H. A . Eiselt and V. Marianov (eds), "Foundations of Location Theory", Ed. Springer, 39-70, 2011

Silva, Francisco, and Serra, Daniel. Locating Emergency Services with Priority Rules: The Priority Queuing Covering Location Problem, Journal of the Operational Research Society, 59, 1229-1238, 2008

Serra, Daniel, and Revelle, Charles. Competitive Location and Pricing on Networks, Geographical Analysis, 31(2), 109-129, 1999