Department of Economics and Business students participate in the Madrid Case Competition

Department of Economics and Business students participate in the Madrid Case Competition

The team of students was challenged to apply business knowledge and solutions to real business cases, while competing against other teams from universities throughout Spain



UPF student team at the Madrid Case Competition

This past March, four UPF undergraduate students – Pedro Avello (Economics and Global Studies), Javier Navas (Law and Economics), Ariadna Rodriguez (International Business Economics), and Pablo Vitoria (International Business Economics) – reached the final phase of the 2019 Madrid Case Competition 2019. The competition aims to promote corporate world training amongst university students.

Managed by the UC3M Consulting Association in collaboration with the Boston Consulting Group and the Universidad Carlos III de Madrid (UC3M) Faculty of Social Science, the competition pits teams of students from universities across Spain against each other through several rounds of quantitative and qualitative tests and challenges. One of the rounds faced by teams is formulating and then defending a business position in front of a jury of professional consultants, an experience difficult to achieve within the classroom.

This year's final stage dealt with a market simulation in which four teams, each playing the role of a company, had to decide on the prices of 9 products through 4 different rounds. Throughout the rounds they were given market information, and the company with the best results after the last round was proclaimed winner.

Participating in the event allowed students to exercise many of the skills that they develop in their university studies, as well as focus on development of professional training. Besides the event's competitive aspect, students also had the chance to meet and socialise with other young people with diverse academic profiles from around Spain.


Madrid Case Competition participants