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Universitat Pompeu Fabra

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Ernesto Martín Peris holds a Doctorate in Philosophy and Education Sciences. He has an undergraduate degree in Hispanic Philology and German Philology. He is Emeritus Professor of Spanish Language at Universitat Pompeu Fabra and founder member of the Research Group on The Learning and Teaching of Languages, [email protected] He is Professor and Coordinator in the area of Methodology on the Master in Teacher Training for the Teaching of Spanish as a Foreign Language. He has been Academic Director at the Instituto Cervantes; Coordinador of the Spanish department at the United Nations Language Programme in New York; Head of Department, Head of Studies and Director at the Escuela Oficial de Idiomas de Barcelona, a member of advisory council for DELE exams at the  Spanish Ministery of Eduaction and Science, and the Comissió d'Exàmens d'Escoles Oficials d'Idiomes of the government of Catalunya. He is author and co-author of various books for the Teaching of Spanish as a Foreign Language (Para Empezar, Vamos a Ver, Hablemos de Negocios, Eurolingua, Gente, Bitácora) and of the Diccionario de términos clave de ELE (Centro Virtual Cervantes, Instituto Cervantes).


Spanish professor as a foreign language in the Official School of Languages of Barcelona; Academic Director of the Instituto Cervantes; Spanish coordinator in the Training Service of the United Nations and exams.
His teaching focuses on issues related to the teaching of Spanish as a foreign language and the training of its staff, mainly on issues relating to teaching methodology, applied linguistics, discourse analysis and teaching grammar.