Transparent masks and PPE disinfection methods, the two winning projects of the contest “Enginy contra la COVID-19” competition

Transparent masks and PPE disinfection methods, the two winning projects of the contest “Enginy contra la COVID-19” competition

A competition organized by the University targeting UPF students of Engineering and open to the university student community, in support of students’ talent in the global fight against coronavirus. Sixteen proposals were submitted, four went through to phase 1, and of these, two were selected by the evaluation committee as the best-developed projects.


Imatge inicial

The “Enginy contra la COVID-19” awards are an initiative of solidarity seeking to support projects led by Engineering students at UPF to develop tools and protocols to help citizens in the global fight against the spread of Covid-19.

The first phase of the competition received sixteen entries, of which the evaluation committee selected four, which received €2,000 to get their project under way over six weeks.

Of these finalists, the evaluation committee selected the two teams that best developed their project: MASKIN, a project that devised transparent masks to allow the mouth to be seen, and Covid Riders, a project that has developed a disinfection protocol for N95 masks based on ultraviolet radiation emission sources. Each will receive a final prize of €1,500.

Masks with a unique, simple and totally innovative design

Team MASKIN: Álvaro M. Marco (UPF), Nadia P. Bernat (UPF), Francesco de Vivo (UPF), Juan Ortega (UPM), Alejandra Isern (Elisava), Oscar Oviedo (Elisava) and Paula Sánchez (UCC).

Project title: “Transparent Facemask

Given that as of now and for a long time to come masks will be an essential complement to our daily clothing, “we propose the creation of masks with a unique, totally innovative, simple design that is in addition affordable and easy for the public to make. In our model, we replace the current conventional design with masks made of completely transparent plastic so that the wearer’s mouth is visible”, the MASKIN team members explain.

The model developed by the team allows establishing more personal contact among people, for example they have taken into consideration people with impaired hearing who need to lip read to communicate.

MASKIN Instagram

UPF e-Repository: Transparent Facemask, MASKIN: prototype for a reusable, transparent mask with committed to the environment and society. (pdf)

A guide for the development of disinfection systems based on UV radiation

Team Covid Riders: Núria Moya Planas (UPF), Irene Sainz Rodríguez (UPF), Mar Pascual Durall (UPF), Aaron Vilalta i Costa (UPF alumni, Patent Riders, S.L.) and Oriol Cuxart Pérez (UPF alumni, Veeva Systems).

Project title: “Guide for the implementation of disinfection systems for N95 masks using germicidal ultraviolet C radiation”

Project website

The project in more detail

“There is currently a lack of supplies of personal protective equipment (PPE) in hospitals, and many health centres consequently have to reuse such disposable equipment (gowns, masks, gloves, surgical caps and shoe covers). Thus, there is a clear need to disinfect PPE for reuse, considering that health workers change their equipment some ten times a day. Moreover, this leads to an increase in the accumulation of waste health products (such as masks and disposable material) causing pollution. Due to this need, we propose a protocol for the rapid implementation of a disinfection system based on ultraviolet radiation emission sources (Ultraviolet germicidal irradiation - UVGI) to irradiate the material used by health personnel, EPIs in particular, and disinfect them so that they can be reused”, the Covid Riders team members explain.

An initiative promoted by UPF Engineering studies

The “Enginy contra la COVID-19” awards are an initiative promoted by Antoni Ivorra, professor of Engineering studies at UPF, a researcher with the BCN MedTech unit, with researchers from his team Laura Becerra Fajardo, Jesus Minguillón, Borja Mercadal and Tomás García Sánchez, with Nerea Mangado and Jérôme Noailly, members of BCN MedTech, and sponsored by the Department of Information and Communication Technologies (DTIC), the María de Maetzu Excellence Units, the UPF Board of Trustees and the QUAES-UPF Chair.

A project that is included in the crowdfounding campaign launched by UPF to combat the coronavirus: #UPFContraElCoronavirus.

Enginy contra la COVID-19






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