The Group on Discourse and Translation Studies (GEDIT) is the convergence of two previously formed research groups: the Group on Discourse Studies (GED) and the Center for Discourse and Translation Studies (CEDIDO), with a path of common research activities and interests. Discourse studies have a shared approach to analyze different communicative situations, usually marked by multilingualism and multimodality. GEDIT has created a research group recognized and consolidated by AGAUR on call 2017 SGR 566.

Research lines of GEDIT are (i) discourse pragmatics (contrastive, corpus and enunciative linguistics, and applied to social interpretation/mediation); (ii) sociolinguistic studies (multilingualism and diversity); (iii) critical discourse analysis (multimodality, discourse and cultural identities, discourse and gender, discourse and social transformation); (iv) translation studies of multimodal genres (audiovisual translation); (v) translating and discursive approaches in specialized legal and economic translation; (vi) stylistics applied to literary translation.

The aim of GEDIT is to power and consolidate the group's work lines in the way of competitive research projects and activities within the research environment (seminars, workshops, PhD sessions), which provide an enriching and productive working and discussion forum. Transversality and interdisciplinarity of the group´s research lines, regarding discourse, offers the possibility of working with different methodologies and theoretical frameworks in linguistic and translation fields.

The activities of the group are the following:

  1. Dedication to projects and research, both individual and as a group, with regular meetings aimed at discussion, as well as coordination of internal work and seminars open to teachers and postgraduate students.
  2. Training of young researchers on the PhD program of the Department of Translation and Language Sciences.
  3. Enhancement of the quality on lines of discourse and translation studies on multimodal and multilingual aspects.