El Discourse Studies Research Group (GED: Grup d'Estudis del Discurs) was established as a UPF research group in 1997, under the coordination of Dr. Helena Calsamiglia, and was recognized as consolidated group by AGAUR (2005-SGR-00594). Researchers Clara Lorda, Montserrat Ribas, Lydia Fernandez, and Elisabeth Miche belong to the group since its origin. Subsequently, Dr. Teun Van Dijk joined it in 2002, and Dr. Montserrat Gonzalez in 2008. In February 2009 Dr. Montserrat Ribas took the coordination of the group, and Dra. Montserrat González (principal investigator of the current MICINN project) did so in January 2014. At present, it is a consolidated research group (AGAUR, 2014 SGR 985).

Since its consolidation as a group, the GED has been active and productive, streamlining the transfering of knowledge through advanced seminars for MA and PhD students, and presenting new research by researchers working on the lines of the group. Moreover, since 2009 it has organized a conference (IADA: Polyphony and Intertextuality in the Dialogue), coordinated by Dr. Clara Lorda, a symposium (Knowledge and Discourse), coordinated by Dr. Teun Van Dijk, and a workshop (GED-Modevig: Evidential and Espistemic Strategies in Discourse), coordinated by Dr. Montserrat González.

The objectives of the GED are to consolidate their research lines and to open new ones related to:
  1. the current research project (Modevig) about the pragmatics of discourse 
  2. the research lines of group members (take a look at them)
  3. the working lines of new members and doctoral students: multilingualism, sociolinguistics, diversity; critical discourse analysis 
  4. the projection of the lines of the MA in Discourse Studies: Communication, Society and Learning