Each academic year, the Discourse and Translation Studies Research Group (GEDIT) organizes seminars where the studies being carried out are presented and debated with the research community and the invited speakers. The purpose of the seminars is to encourage discussion among researchers and postgraduate students. The latest GEDIT activities are the following:



Workshop de tancament dels projectes Valtrad i ModevigTrad

9.15 - 17.30



II Jornada d'Estudis del Discurs Helena Calsamiglia: Discurs i Interculturalitat

9.00 - 13.30

Room 55.003 Tànger



Seminari GEDIT 11/04/18: "¿Qué es Will Grayson? La traducción queer en la encrucijada de su identidad"

12.00 h

Room 52.427



Seminari GEDIT 09/04/18: "Metaphorical world view: cross-cultural communication and translation"

15.00 h

Room 52.427

Other GED events Other GED events