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Cano Cobano, Eric

Eric Cano Cobano graduated in Criminology and Public Prevention Politics (2010 – 2014) at the Pompeu Fabra University. After a year as a language teacher in Thailand and an internship in a Human Rights law film in the UK, Eric cursed the M.A. Global Criminology (2016 – 2018) at Utrecht University, graduating with honors Cum Laude.


After the master in the Netherlands, Eric complemented his academic formation graduating in Filmmaking (2018 – 2019) at a filmmaking school in Barcelona. He specialised in Noir cinema.


He is Currently developing a PhD thesis regarding the representation of the prison system and its actors in film and its influence in the creation of social assumptions. His thesis director is professor Elena Larrauri.

His academic interests are the relationship and influence between culture and the social response to delinquency as well as the inner dynamics, efficiency, roles and legitimization of the prison system.