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Rodríguez Menés, Jorge

Jorge Rodríguez Menés
Departament de Ciències Polítiques i Socials

Jorge Rodríguez obtained his PhD in Sociology at Nortwestern University, in the USA. He is currently associate professor at the Universitat Pompeu Fabra, where he is also the Coordinator of the PhD Program of the Department of Political & Social Sciences.

In the past, he has been Senior Lecturer in Quantitative Methods at the University of Kent, and Lecturer in Sociology at the University of Reading, both in the UK. He also worked as Visiting Assistant Professor at the University of Illinois at Chicago, in the USA.

In 2012, he won with Daniel Oesch the prize for the best paper of the year published in the journal Socio-Economic Review, edited by the Society for the Advancement of Socio-Economics.


Relevant publications in Criminology

Rodriguez-Menés, Jorge and Rovira, Martí. " Assessing discrimination in correspondence studies" Sociological Methods and Research. [Conditionally accepted]

Rodríguez-Menés, Jorge and Creighton, Mathew. "The impact of imprisonment on IPV offenders' risks of recidivism", in Van der Geest, V. and Blokland, A. (ed): European Handbook of Criminal Careers and Life-course Criminology. Forthcoming in 2017.

Rodriguez-Menés, J., Puig, D., & Sobrino, C., (2014), "Poly-and distinct-victimization in histories of violence against women", Journal of Family Violence, 29(8), 849-858.

Rodríguez-Menés, J., & Safranoff, A., (2012), "Violence against women in intimate relations: A contrast of five theories", European Journal of Criminology, 9(6), 584-602.