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Iris Rosario

Iris Rosario earned a Bachelor degree in Political Sciences (1997-2001) and a "Juris Doctor" (2003-2006) from the University of Puerto Rico. Her Master in Law (2014) is from the Palermo University in Buenos Aires. Her thesis, directed by Prof. Mary Beloff, is about the judgment of juveniles as adults in the American context. In 2019, she obtained a Virtual Specialization in Critical Legal Studies and Human Rights of the Latin American Council of Social Science (CLACSO).

At present, she is developing her doctoral thesis, under the supervision of Prof. Elena Larrauri, in the sexual offenders
registries in United States and Spain.

Iris has published articles about Juvenile  Justice, Criminal backgrounds, sexual offender registries and in general, Criminal and Prison Law. Meanwhile, she has worked as a Public defender (2007- ) and as an Adjunct professor in the School of Law of the University of Puerto Rico.