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Departament de Comunicació
CINEMA, Center For Aesthetic Research On Audiovisual Media
Predoctoral researcher

Cali, Colombia. 1976.
Professor of the Film and Audiovisuals program at the Universidad del Magdalena, Santa Marta, Colombia. PhD student in Communication at Pompeu Fabra University, Barcelona, Spain. Master's degree in Creative Writing from Universidad Nacional de Colombia. Journalism technician from UniInpahu, Bogotá, Colombia. Psychologist from Konrad Lorenz University Foundation. Bogotá. Master's degree in Documentary and Society from the Escuela de cine y audiovisuales de Catalunya (ESCAC), Barcelona, Spain.

Film promoter and researcher. Producer of regional television, short films and documentaries. Diverse works in film festivals and exhibitions.

Curriculum Vitae for Latin America and the Caribbean (CVLAC):

In the project of the cinema group I am currently working on an archive of information about cinema to find ways of research and creation in the audiovisual in pedagogical, informative and reflexive senses.

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Research lines: 

–Audiovisual, culture and politics 
–History, theory and audiovisual critique
–Audiovisual education
–Communication, television and digital media
–Audiovisual patrimony
–Audiovisual archives