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CINEMA, Aesthetic Research of Audiovisual Media Group

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PhD in Audiovisual Communication from the Pompeu Fabra University, Iván Pintor is a professor of Contemporary Cinema Trends, Evolution of Visual Languages and History of the Comic from the UPF’s Bachelor’s degree in Audiovisual Communication. He also teaches Contemporary Intersections between Cinema, Television and Comic at the UPF’s Master’s Degree in Contemporary Film and Audiovisual Studies. As a programmer, he has coordinated conference courses for CaixaForum, directed congresses like Gesture Mutations in European Cinema (2012), collaborated in museums and cultural centers like the CCCB (Centre de Cultura Contemporània de Barcelona), Filmoteca de Catalunya and La Virreina Centre de la Imatge and he has made audiovisual pieces for different museums.

With Jordi Balló, he directs the research project Motivos visuales en la esfera pública: producción y circulación de las imágenes del poder en España (2011-2017 MOVEP) (‘Visual motifs in the public domain: production and circulation of images of power in Spain’) and he is the project manager in Spain for the project Erasmus+ TESEO – Arianna’s strands in the digital age. He is the author of the monograph about comic imaginary and aesthetics Figuras del cómic: Forma, tiempo y narración secuencial (Aldea Global, 2017) (‘Comic figures: Shape, time and sequential narration’). He has participated with his writing in over fifty books, some of the most relevant being Les Motifs au cinéma (2019), Flash Gordon. L’Avventurosa meraviglia (2019), I riflessi di Black Mirror (2018), Mad Men (2015), EndoApocalisse. The Walking Dead, l’immaginario digitale, il post-umano (2015), On the Edge of the Panel. Essays on Comics Criticism (2015), La Strada di Fellini (2013), Totes les cartes (2012), Le Cinéma de Julio Medem (2008), Universo Lynch (2006) or Naomi Kawase. El cine en el umbral (2008).

He has taught at lessons and seminars at the Elisava school, the University of Barcelona (UB), ESCAC and at universities from Italy, Germany, Argentina and Colombia. He writes regularly in publications like Cultura/s by La Vanguardia and Encuentros. Suplement cultural del Diari de Tarragona and he has published in international journals, such as Hispanic Research Journal, [in]Transition, Apparatus Journal, BRAC, L’Atalante, Comparative Cinema and Trama y Fondo, as well as in Caimán – Cahiers du Cinéma España, El viejo topo, Shangri-La or Transversal. Among his audiovisual work, he has directed the documentary Harold Bloom, Reading the Labyrinth (2010) and that he has participated in the script of the feature film La substància (2016), directed by Lluís Galter.


Research lines

  • Comparative film studies. 
  • Contemporary cinema studies. 
  • Iconography and iconology in film. 
  • Film and Politics.
  • Symbolic hermeneutics and myth criticism in film. 
  • Analysis and history of comics and sequential narrative. 
  • Transmedia narratives and intertextuality: films, comics, literature, painting, videogames. 
  • Extras, cinema and historicity.
  • Aby Warburg.