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Carlos Losilla publishes book on Raoul Walsh as a part of the “Signo e Imagen. Cineastas” collection

Carlos Losilla publishes book on Raoul Walsh as a part of the “Signo e Imagen. Cineastas” collection



As part of the famed collection “Signo e Imagen. Cineastas” of the editorial house Cátedra, the essayist and UPF professor Carlos Losilla Alcalde has published a monographical book on Raoul Walsh (1887-1980) focused on one of the most illustrious directors in Northamerican classical cinema, having developed more than 100 movies in different genres.


The book, launched at the beginning of September in the Filmoteca de Cantabria, does not aim to limit itself only to the most renown of Walsh's films, such as High Sierra, They died with their boots on, The world in his arms, and White Heat, but also to explore the lesser-known projects that, nonetheless, are also fundamental to understanding the director's long opus, from silent cinema to modernity


Without following a strictly chronological road or focusing on biographical matters, Losilla's book develops an essayistic thinking about the images, thus tracing a "vertiginous and zig-zagging route", as the editorial house points out.


Losillas written work consists of titles such as La invención de la Modernidad, Max Ophuls: carné de baile and La invención de Hollywood o cómo olvidarse de una vez por todas del cine clásico, and he has also participated in collective publications on Don Siegel, Jacques Demy, Georges Franju and Nagisa Oshima. Furthermore, Losilla is a professor at Escuela Superior de Cine y Audiovisuales de Catalunya (ESCAC) and a member of the editorial board of Caimán Cuadernos de Cine.


“Signo e Imagen. Cineastas" is a collection that has, for the past three decades, published a wide array of authorial voices centered on cinema, with Spanish reeditions of reference works, academical or essayistic thinking, and monographical books on directors.  








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