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Barcelona Myocardial Strain Hands-on Workshop

Barcelona Myocardial Strain Hands-on Workshop



CardioFunXion members assisted to the Barcelona Myocardial Strain Hands-on Workshop.

Similarly to last year Marta Sitges, Bart Bijnens and Maja Cikes organized the course. Most of the students came from a clinical background and some of them from the industry. We were working with the software echoPAC from General Electrics loading clinical cases from different hospitals and analyzing the strain curves from different zones to see how they could give information for a diagnosis. 

We started working with cases of non-diseased hearts in the first session observing different echo images and getting used to the strain curves. The first day we analyzed medical images from patients with the following diseases: hypertrophic hearts (HCM), thin myocardium and LBBB (Left bundle branch block).

The second and last day of the course we studied valve diseases, the effect of exercise on the heart and in particular on the Right Ventricle.






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