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Aula CAE is a project intended for children and young people (primary and secondary school level) for the inclusion of animal ethics in education. 

We offer proactive workshops with children to explore and discover other animals around us. To develop the empathy needed to generate participatory actions that improve our relationship with other animals and the situation they are in. 

Our goals:

  • To promote attitudes and skills for a respectful coexistence with non-human animals and their habitats
  • To recognise non-human animals as living beings that feel like us and to reflect on the treatment that they receive
  • To support teachers in the application of animal ethics throughout the curriculum
  • To achieve social impact by extending the program to families and communities
  • To work on the inclusion of all sentient individuals in the sphere of moral consideration regardless of species, ethnicity or culture


Coordinator: Sandra Amigó

Download the leaflet here.