The software available in the computer rooms can be freely accessed by students, PDI and PAS and their use is not limited in any way.

If you are PDI, you can request that software be installed on your office computer or university laptop.

Below is the statistical and mathematical software currently available:

Software Available in the classrooms License type for PDI
ComSol Multiphysics Campus Poblenou Payment license
GeoGebra Campus Ciutadella Free download
GeoDa Campus Ciutadella Free download
Matlab All the campus Campus UPF license
nVivo Campus Poblenou Payment license

Campus Poblenou

Campus Mar

Free download
OpenBugs Campus Ciutadella Free download
PSPP Campus Ciutadella Free download
R All the campus Free download
SPSS Tots els campus Limited license 
Scientific WorkPlace No Payment license
Stata All the campus Payment license