Internet connection

The UPF Internet connection is done through the Anella Científica (Scientific Ring), an academic and research network provided by the Consortium of University Services of Catalonia (CSUC), which connects public and private Calatan institutions connected with the world of R+D. This infrastructure is connected at state level (RedIris) and at the European level (GEANT).

It thereby provides a high-capacity, flexible and reliable interconnected network for all universities and research centres at the European level.

The UPF’s connection speed to the Scientific Ring is 10 Gb/s, with an alternative connection of 1 Gb/s, which is activated automatically if there is a fault with the main connection.

The security of the UPF university community is a priority, which is why the University complies strictly with the National Security Scheme (ENS).

It also has specific equipment that minimises any impact that malicious systems and software may have. 

All UPF desktop computers are already connected to the Internet. If you need to connect to the physical network (with cable), another device asks you to evaluate its viability.