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Useful keyboard shortcuts to work more quickly

Did you make a mistake writing a text and want to undo it quickly? Do you want to lock your computer screen temporarily?


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Keyboard shortcuts are an essential resource to save time.

By pressing a combination of keys at the same time you can perform everyday actions that will be useful for working with texts and you will save yourself a few clicks with the mouse. These are the keyboard shortcuts and perhaps the best known are those that allow you to copy and paste text (or images) within a document.

For example, on a Windows computer (also if you're using Linux) you can hold down the CTRL, SHIFT, and "v" keys at the same time to paste without format what you've previously copied.

If you are using a Mac computer, you can perform this action with the combination Command + Shift + Option + “v”.

You can check other very useful combinations in our Keyboard Shortcuts guide.



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