Drets i deures


Approved by a resolution of the rector on 20 January 2010

Your rights and obligations regarding:

In the event of non-compliance with your obligations 
In the event of an infringement of your rights

Your rights and obligations

The facilities and the space

Your rights

  • To find a space in a suitable state for intellectual work, with:

    • Extensive opening hours

    • Areas designed for different activities, such as, for example, individual study, group work, user training, etc.

  • To find specific facilities for undertaking work, consulting information in different formats, etc.

    • These should be accessible, safe and work in accordance with the preestablished conditions and in the established timetable.

Your obligations

  • To contribute to maintaining an appropriate environment and avoid any activity that disturbs other users.

  • To respect the facilities, the equipment and the specific areas for each activity.

  • To use the spaces and equipment only as they are designed to be used.

  • To look after your own belongings while you are using the facilities and not leave them unattended.

  • To leave the facilities at closing time or at the request of the staff.

Information resources

Your rights

  • To have access to good quality information resources, with suitable content for the different teaching and research subject areas:

  • Analogue or digital information, locally or remotely accessible, organised according to systematic criteria.
  • Easily accessible tools for finding information.
  • Equipment for viewing, listening to or reproducing the information you need.

Your obligations

  • To use the information resources, which are the property of the University, responsibly.
  • To apply economic and sustainable criteria.
  • To collaborate in the maintenance of order in the library, placing any documents you have consulted in the trolleys located in all reading rooms.
  • To respect intellectual property, in accordance with the applicable legislation.

Information technologies

Your rights

  • To have access to the IT resources (software and communications) needed to undertake the tasks specific to your university activity (learning, teaching, research and management) with:

  • The software used for each type of activity.
  • An email system with a personal address
  • Acces to the information technologies of the University.
  • A permanent online drive space to store your files related to your academic activity.

Your obligations

  • To use the information technologies for the activities they are designed for and avoid their improper use.
  • To use them responsibly and with care.
  • To use them with economic and sustainable criteria.
  • To be responsible for your user code.
  • To comply with the applicable regulations and legislation.

The services

Your rights

  • To have access to services oriented towards resolving the needs arising from your university activity, with:

    • Face-to-face, telephone and online user support.

    • Advice in looking for and obtaining information in each of the studies offered at the University.

    • Guidance and help in using specific equipment./span>

    • Assistance in using the IT resources.

    • A guarantee of confidentiality regarding personal data.

Your obligations

  • To use the services that the University places at your disposal:

    • Respecting the established rules and conditions.

    • For the purpose they have been designed for.

    • With economic and sustainable criteria.

  • Taking care of the materials you have on loan.

The staff

Your rights

  • To be attended to efficiently by all staff members in a way that is both professional and respectful.
  • To request the identification of the person who is attending to you.

Your obligations

  • To behave respectfully with staff.
  • Whenever staff so request you should:
    • Identify yourself.
    • Show the content of your bags and folders.
  • Follow the indications given by staff regarding the use of the space, equipment and resources.

In the event of non-compliance with your obligations

When actions are detected that are non-compliant with the obligations laid out in this charter-

  • Staff can give you a warning and ask you to change your behaviour.
  • Should you continue with your activity and choose not to heed the warning, you will be asked to identify yourself so staff can report your behaviour and, depending on the severity of your actions, notify the dean and/or relevant authorities.
  • If necessary the building’s security officers will be notified.

These actions can be undertaken without foregoing the application of the approved regulations or the corresponding disciplinary measures, independently of whether or not the user is asked to pay for damages, if necessary.


In the event of an infringement of your rights

When you believe that actions have been taken that prevent you from exercising your rights or which infringe upon them:

  • You can inform the person who is attending to you. If they do not respond to your request, you can ask them to identify themselves.
  • You can always ask to speak with the person in charge and explain what you believe has taken place.
  • At any event, you can lodge a written complaint through this website.


Please let us know should you have any queries or suggestions and notify us of any incident that may arise or any negligence regarding the observation of your rights through this website.