Grants for activities to increase the social impact of research

Activitats d'impacte social de la recerca

The aim of these grants is to encourage more interaction between UPF research staff and the wider society.

Who is it for?

It is for active members of the UPF university community who are participating in research or transfer projects.

How much is the grant?

The amount for the 2023 call is 8,000 euros, to be shared between the chosen activities. The funding comes from the University's board of trustees.


  • The university has to contribute to people's scientific training and offer a critical view on this process.
  • It has to make science more easily understandable for society without sacrificing the necessary rigour.
  • It has to make it possible for the general public to take an active part in the research process, in the activity itself and in the social review process which follows. 
  • UPF in particular has to take care to ensure that the feedback on their research results shows them to be sustainable, ethically acceptable and socially desirable.

What must the activities promote?

  • Raising the profile of science in society
  • Scientific communication
  • Public participation and the participation of end users in the co-design and co-creation of the research processes.

 And the impact?

The activity can have an impact on...

  • the participants (changes in knowledge and understanding, attitudes and opinions, behaviour);
  • the research staff and, if applicable, the collaborating organisations (having a better idea of people's needs, the barriers which exist and potential reticence and society's real needs, values and expectations, which will lead to more responsible research), and   
  • the community/context (whether the impact is direct or indirect, improving knowledge, attitudes and behaviour of the participants). 

What are the main priorities?

In addition to the general criteria set out in the regulations, proposals submitted for the 2023 call will be favourably considered if they are aligned with:

IMPORTANT: Instructions for people submitting an Online General Request. The General Registry has told us that you need to indicate:

  • in the section, DEMANO: Sol·licitud a la convocatòria per a la concessió d'ajuts econòmics per a activitats d'impacte social de la recerca 2023 (in lower case and in catalan, as it appears here)
  • and in the section Òrgan o servei a qui adreceu la sol·licitud: UNITAT DE COMUNICACIÓ I PROJECCIÓ INSTITUCIONALS (in upper case and in catalan, as it appears here)

For more information:
[email protected]

Application deadline: March 9, 2023. General Registry

Resolution of the call: