• 1st Spanish<br />university
    Position 186 worldwide and 77 in Europe
    1st Spanish
    Times Higher Education ranking (2011)
  • One of the twenty European universities with more projects funded by the European Research Council
    One of the twenty European universities with more projects funded by the European Research Council
    ERC 2012
  • International Excellence Campus
    Distinguished as a
    International Excellence Campus
    Spanish Ministry of Education, 2010


Francesc Posas is awarded the 2011 Carmen and Severo Ochoa research prize
Head of the Department of Experimental and Health Sciences (CEXS) has been awarded the prestigious Carmen and Severo Ochoa research prize for his contribution to the study of cellular response to stress and for his work on biological systems.
The UPF is among the top 200 universities in the world
Only two universities in Spain are listed in the 2010  Times Higher Education among the top 200 universities in the world: the University of Barcelona (142) and Pompeu Fabra University (155). In European terms, the UB is in 49th place and the UPF is in 58th.
William Labov has been awarded a doctorate honoris causa
The Poblenou campus auditorium was brimming for the academic investiture ceremony of the professor of the Department of Linguistics of the University of Pennsylvania (USA) distinguished for being a world leading figure in this field.
UPF, 17th best university in the world among those under fifty years of age
The first edition of the Times Higher Education ranking  " 100 Under 50 ", which includes the 100 top universities world wide that are 50 years old at most, puts UPF in ninth position in Europe and first for Spain.
UPF consolidates its position among the world's top 100 centres for economics
According to the ranking drawn up by the University of Tilburg for 2007-2011, UPF in 43rd place, is first for the Spanish State and tenth in Europe, according to scientific productivity in the fields of econometrics, economics, statistics and finance.   
Four degrees taught at UPF, considered the best in Spain
Are Political Sciences, Economics, Finances and Accounting and Labour Relations, according to the new "50 degrees" ranking in the newspaper El Mundo, that keeps UPF in the top ten spanish universities.
UPF and UCLA offer a joint Summer Programme
The Global Cities Summer Program, conceived as an academic term, will be launched next summer and will allow students from these two centers for advance credits in two consecutive sessions: six weeks in Barcelona and six in Los Angeles.
UPF researchers obtain Advanced Grants from the ERC
The grants are to support projects led by Gustavo Deco of the DTIC, Ricard Sol in collaboration with Francesc Posas, both of the CEXS, and Roderic Guig of the CRG and Andrea Cerutti of the IMIM Foundation.
Modern North Africans' recent origin is outside Africa
An exhaustive genetic study of North Africa's human populations published in PLoS Genetics on January 13 th, undertaken jointly by researchers in the Evolutionary Biology Institute (CSIC-UPF) and Stanford University, among other institutions.
Record of students enrolled at the UPF Study Abroad Program
The spring edition has 457 registered students and presents the new Legal Studies Abroad Program and a new edition of the Hispanic and European Studies Program.