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Eodyne Systems: a SPECS research spin-off company

Eodyne Systems: a SPECS research spin-off company

A new UPF spin-off that was constituted in the Mercè building on 3 November and has been advised by the Innovation Unit-UPF Business Shuttle. Eodyne Systems SL will market an innovative virtual reality tool for brain rehabilitation and health, called the Rehabilitation Gaming System (RGS).


Under the terms of a technology transfer contract, the company Eodyne Systems SL, a spin-off from the research conducted by the research group SPECS (Synthetic, Perceptive, Emotive and Cognitive Systems) as part of the UPF's Autonomous Systems and Neuro-Robotics Centre project, was established in the Rector's Office at Pompeu Fabra University on 3 November. It was created to address one of the major health challenges facing our society: functional recovery after a brain injury - a problem that affects more than 60 million people worldwide. The SPECS group has been supported by the Innovation Unit - UPF Business Shuttle at UPF throughout this technology transfer process.

eodyne The partners of Eodyne Systems SL are Paul Verschure, director of the SPECS research laboratory and ICREA researcher at the Department of Information and Communication Technologies (DTIC) at Pompeu Fabra University, and the inventor of the RGS, Catalina Hoffmann, founder and managing director of health companies in the Catalina Hoffmann Holding Group, the Catalan Institution for Research and Advanced Studies (ICREA), Carmen Buisan, senior project manager at SPECS, and Pompeu Fabra University.

Eodyne Systems SL will market an innovative virtual reality tool for brain rehabilitation and health, called the Rehabilitation Gaming System (RGS). RGS is based on research carried out by SPECS on the basic principles that govern the mind and the brain, in collaboration with clinical partners. After successfully treating more than 400 patients in various stages of recovery after a stroke, and publishing the results in leading scientific journals and at conferences, RGS is ready to be used by society. To achieve maximum distribution, Eodyne Systems SL has designed a commercial route as part of its business strategy.

RGS is a solution based on the scientific evidence for the integrated treatment of deficits that can result from a stroke. RGS gives the healthcare industry:

  • An inexpensive tool for the neuro-rehabilitation of deficits in motor, emotional, cognitive and linguistic skills affected by brain damage.
  • Applicable in all phases of treatment: acute and sub-acute (in hospital or at rehabilitation clinics) and in the chronic phase (at home or in a health centre).
  • A system that enables the patient to actively participate in their rehabilitation thanks to a personalized treatment.
  • A system that empowers patients and their social environment in the management of their own well-being, personalizing their treatment based on their resources and lifestyle.
  • An integrated system for remote treatment, diagnosis, monitoring and assessment, enabling savings to be made by patients and their families, by primary healthcare providers, health centres and by mutual insurance companies.
  • A learning approach to physical and mental health.
  • A scientific tool based on ICTs, artificial intelligence and virtual reality systems placing 'serious games' at a qualitatively new level of implementation by integrating clinically validated methods and integrated solutions for diagnosis, monitoring and orientation of the patient.