The Eugin-UPF Chair awards the 1st prize for best bachelor’s degree final project (TFG) to Carla Aranda for her work that studies ways to attack breast cancer with the worst prognosis

The Eugin-UPF Chair awards the 1st prize for best bachelor’s degree final project (TFG) to Carla Aranda for her work that studies ways to attack breast cancer with the worst prognosis

To promote scientific vocations and excellence, the Eugin-UPF Chair organizes the Eugin-UPF Chair Award for the best projects that seek to dig deeper into the fields of reproduction, developmental biology and genetics.


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The Eugin-UPF Chair in Assisted Human Reproduction has awarded the first prize for the bachelor’s degree final project (TFG) in Human Biology at UPF in the fields of assisted reproduction, developmental biology or genetics to the student Carla Aranda, for her work entitled “Chromatin-bound IMPDH2 as a contributor to DNA damage response in triple-negative breast cancer” where she participated in a research project aimed at finding possible ways to attack the type of breast cancer that has the worst prognosis.

The second prize was awarded to Anna Castellet for her TFG entitled “Impact of menstrual cycle phases in the relationship between steroid hormones and sleep quality”, which sets out her research into how hormonal oscillations along the menstrual cycle can influence women’s quality of sleep.

Finally, the third prize went to Carla Brujas for her research work entitled “Deciphering the role of gdf6a on hematopoietic stem cell development in the zebrafish embryo” in which she discusses how stem cells are differentiated in blood cells. 

In this regard, Rafael Fraile, CEO of Eugin España, underlined “the importance, perhaps now more than ever, of supporting new talents and science in order to find solutions to the challenges we face in the field of human biology”.

Meanwhile, Francesc Calafell, co-director of the Chair and a professor at UPF, highlighted “the fundamental role of the Eugin-UPF Chair in students’ training, as well as in the support and positioning of their work in a clear commitment to the future of research”.

Paco Muñoz, vice-dean of the bachelor’s degree in Human Biology at UPF, emphasized “all the activities carried out by the Chair, from the promotion of the scientific spirit to the design of projects that can bring practical knowledge to society”. 

Premi càtedra Eugin-UPF al millor TFG

About the Eugin-UPF Chair

With the aim of strengthening ties between Eugin and UPF, in December 2019 the Eugin-UPF Chair in Assisted Human Reproduction was created to promote the dissemination of knowledge and research.

The actions carried out by the Chair in terms of research include the definition and development of research lines, the promotion of joint doctoral theses and cooperation in obtaining projects.

Regarding knowledge transfer, the organization of presentation and dissemination symposia, the industrialization of research results in commercial lines, the promotion of research publications, and the transfer of knowledge between the areas of research and industrial exploitation are carried out.

Finally, the training activities include the creation of pre- and post-doctoral scholarships, awards for final year projects, papers or other competitions, plans for in-company internships, cooperation in the design and teaching of subjects, as well as outreach activities on reproduction targeting the general public.




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