Presentation of “Green Shooting: sustainable culture”, in economic, social and environmental terms

Presentation of “Green Shooting: sustainable culture”, in economic, social and environmental terms

A research project inspired by international initiatives and focusing on the audiovisual sector. Led by Manel Jiménez and Marta Lopera, members of the Department of Communication, it is promoted by the UPF Planetary Wellbeing call. It will be presented online on 16 November, from 11 am to 1 pm, via Collaborate. Prior registration is required.


Imatge inicial

The project “Green Shooting: sustainable culture” is to last one academic year (2020-2021). It aims, via national and international conferences and workshops, to train current and future professionals from the audiovisual and culture industry on sustainable measures associated with the 17 United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDG) as well as produce academic impact articles and guidelines for best practices for knowledge transfer.

The audiovisual sector also adheres to sustainable and environmentally-friendly practices

The textile industry, the food industry, and tourism, among others, have already adhered to sustainable and environmentally-friendly practices. But what about the audiovisual sector? To date, it had been characterized as being one of the most excessive and consumerist industries; major film productions, both shot indoors and outdoors, consuming large amounts of energy for lighting and transport, disposable catering supplies, water, etc., in addition to presenting social, racial or gender-based problems such as the #Metoo movement, among many others.  

“Fortunately, there are countries that are now committed to green shooting and are implementing measures for social, ecological and economic improvement, including Canada (Reel Green Initiative at Creative BC in Vancouver), the U.S. (Earth Angel NYC) and the UK (BAFTA Albert)”, says Marta Lopera, project co-leader.

Promoted by UPF Planetary Wellbeing

Inspired by international initiatives in support of sustainable culture in economic, social and environmental terms, particularly in the audiovisual sector, the project Green Shooting: sustainable culture, led by Manel Jiménez and Marta Lopera, members of the Department of Communication, and promoted by the UPF Planetary Wellbeing call, will be presented on 16 November between 11 am and 1 pm. It will be held online, with prior registration required.

The programme will include a presentation about the problems of culture and sustainability given by the project team and partners, which will be followed by the screening of a conversation on how to succeed in creating TV, films and festivals sustainably. The presenters are Manel JiménezAlan SalvadóAurora CorominasReinald BesalúAntoni LunaEsther OliverasNoemí SánchezXavier CubelesJoan Corbella and Marta Lopera. Other partner members of 4Rfilms will also take part.

Project: Green Shooting: sustainable culture

PI: Manel Jiménez (Department of Communication, UPF) and Marta Lopera (Department de Communication, UPF)

Date and time: Monday 16 November, from 11 am to 1 pm

Place: Online, via Collaborate. To attend, please register previously at:







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