WeDiscover Days Barcelona: EUTOPIA and the challenge of European cities

WeDiscover Days Barcelona: EUTOPIA and the challenge of European cities

UPF is organizing a conference from 28 to 30 October, which will be the starting point for the Open Innovation Challenge, the focus of Working Package 4, called Place Making, of the EUTOPIA project. The program includes conferences, talks, activities, visits and workshops and is open to the participation of the entire university community.


Imatge inicial

One of the main missions of EUTOPIA is to prepare the future generations to face the constant changes and challenges that our society is experiencing.

Higher education is undergoing a radical transformation not only because today's world demands it, but also to adapt to what is already known as the university of the future.

So the aim is to prepare students, staff, teachers and researchers to become empowered European citizens for today's disruptive world.

To achieve this, some practices are already being carried out such as adjusting organizations to current demands, creating spaces in line with the regions to increase and intensify the Europeanization of the programs offered and sharing and developing common approaches to build the universities of tomorrow.

First stop of the Open Innovation Challenge

Thus, as a starting point for the Open Innovation Challenge, the axis of Working Package 4, called Place Making, of the EUTOPIA project, the Pompeu Fabra University organizes the WeDiscover Days Barcelona. This ambitious event will be held on 28, 29 & 30 October 2020.

A series of events that will be possible thanks to the joint work, efforts and close collaboration with experts, institutions, cultural centers and other local entities and industries. The objective is to discuss the current social problems that the main European cities are going through today.

The WeDiscover Days Barcelona will help students start their discovery and research process to acquire knowledge beyond the university campuses. From the student's perspective, and with the motto “from local to global”, EUTOPIA participants will be inspired by the problems and concerns of our society, seeking practical solutions that can also be applied on a global scale.

Virtual scenario adapted to the new higher education horizon

It is important to highlight the fact that, given the current situation, the WeDiscover Days Barcelona, ​​except for a few colloquia, will be completely virtual. One more example of the great adaptability that universities are showing.

With a program that will include conferences, talks, activities, visits and workshops, students will rethink about and reflect on issues related to some of the main Sustainable Development Goals (SDG):

  • Climate Emergency
  • Transport and mobility
  • Healthy Food / Sustainable food production and consumption
  • Social Inclusion / Fighting Inequality
  • Make cities and human settlements inclusive, safe, resilient and sustainable





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